“A Rose For You” Watercolor 12″x20″


Title “A Rose For You.” Watercolor 12″x20″


Rainy season started just before I was about to leave Costa Rica. It was getting a bit cold in the morning up in the beautiful mountain, and feeling sad to leave my good friends in Aguas Buenas. Always do every year. I didn’t notice there was a perfect smile of a rose, next to the store when I visited my friend. So, I answered “Good Bye!” until the December. I don’t normally paint many floral or birds, because I can’t make much of changes in them, like I move shapes around in landscape or seascape for the compositional reason. And they are gorgeous as just way they are. In this painting, I tried to create Drama using cool colors on the top left against sunny side of where the light was suggested in the middle. That push back petals far so the highlights will be focused. The image was photographed from my phone for now. I got some good feed back from my artist friends and I thank them for all their encouragement. Art is a language, and it send message to viewer’s heart. I hope this rose will encourage you and warm your heart, as it did for I was coming back to Oregon.

God Bless you!
Hyon Fielding


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