“Tico’s Beach House” Watercolor 10×14 En Plein Air

Bougainvillea flowers are on every fences and gates in Costa Rica.. This was en plein air demo work at Exposicion “Por Amor Al Arte” 2012, at Dominical art festival in Costa Rica. A Tico’s beach house caught my eyes near by Quepos earlier days, but I didn’t get to stop while friends are driving together. So, it was one of those had to paint from memory. At this festival, I painted 2 small ones. Watercolor is not common medium in Costa Rica. So, many were interested in but I need to learn Spanish in order to share or teach them. Demo was a good idea! I am posting this one to share my thoughts, painting from your memory can be lot more fun and focused. We as an artist have such picture memory when something impressed our mind, not much of side track from visual disruption like when I am looking down from my patio through all different shapes of trees and vines etc.. You can totally focus on designing elements and principals, brush strokes, feeling/mood.. so, the point I am making is to encourage you to try design out of your memory. You will have such a fun painting experience!


11 thoughts on ““Tico’s Beach House” Watercolor 10×14 En Plein Air

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Ellen! Always kind, encouraging comments.. appreciated. I’ve been following your blog, learning a lot. Thank you for your effort on public education about nature we should take good care of. πŸ™‚

  1. Lovely art and I agree about painting from memory it is a good way to loosen up and not get boged down in alot of detail.

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